Welcome to Northern Products Company

Northern Products Company designs and produces packaging devices that effectively and efficiently protect your product from damage during storage or transit.

Drawing upon 35 plus years of designing experience, Northern offers you a wide range of cushioned packaging services. We are there for you from start to finish, from product concept and prototype development to a finished product constructed to meet your exact specifications and cushioning needs.

To ensure that your package offers maximum protection at a cost-effective price, we employ our own computer aided design (CAD) system, matching the fragility and integrity of your product with the exact material, and/or combination of materials, best suited for the application and your budget. Shock, vibration, finish abrasion effects, aesthetic requirements, and other considerations are reviewed to ensure that your product has the best cushioning protection possible.

We don't stop there!

Production is scheduled and controlled using a state of the art ERP system assuring delivery to your facility in accordance with your manufacturing requirements.

Custom Packaging Solutions

Custom Acoustical Foam | Custom Automotive Foam | Custom Bar Stool Cushions | Custom Bedding | Custom Corrugated Boxes | Custom Buoys | Custom Case Foam | Custom Containers | Custom Convoluted Foam | Custom Wood Cradles | Custom Foam Cradles | Custom Crates | Custom Foam Cushions | Custom Dunnage | Custom Edge Protectors | Custom Foam End Caps | Custom Exercise Mates | Custom Foam FIllers | Custom Flotation Foam | Custom Fuel Tank Foam Inserts | Custom Insulation Products | Custom Foam Kneelers | Custom Oil Booms | Custom Packaging Materials | Custom Foam Padding | Custom Wood Pallets | Custom Pet Beds | Custom Foam Planks | Custom Plastic Corrugated | Custom Foam Profiles | Custom Protective Packaging | Custom Returnable Packaging | Custom Foam Rounds | Custom Foam Shapes | Custom Foam Sheets | Custom Soundproofing Foam | Custom Foam Spacers | Custom Sports Padding | Custom Foam Strips | Custom Foam Supports | Custom Foam Targets | Custom Plastic Corrugated Totes | Custom Trays

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