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Evaluation, Design & Development

Northern Products Company will be with you through the whole packaging process. We first evaluate the product and discuss any questions or concerns with you. We then come up with the most cost effective design for your product. From there, we take it to our state of the art CAD table to cut a sample of the design. We will fully assemble the sample and test fit your product (if the product is provided). Our Estimating Department will provide pricing for the part based on the projected quantities requested. Everything will be laid out for you so you won't have to bat an eye!

Materials Supply

We sell lumber, plastic, foam, and corrugated materials in both low and high volumes for any industry or application.  Our materials inventory is sourced from quality manufacturers and used regularly in our packaging products. If you're not sure what you need, give us a call and we'd be happy to provide insight on the material selection for your project. As an ISPM 15 compliant manufacturer of wood products, we can offer a large selection of lumber products and expertise. If you need flexible foam (closed-cell, open-cell, neoprene, sponge foam, etc.) we're a one stop shop! 

Custom Manufacturing

Our expansive set of manufacturing capabilities allows us o dynamically accommodate any fabrication requirement. Saw cutting, die cutting, and CNC cutting are just a few of our specialties. Our shop is capable of fulfilling orders both large and small! We do this by employing multi-tool knife cutting tables, CNC routers, and waterjet cutters to tackle prototyping or small batch production. With the addition of vast die cutting options, we can handle any quantity of parts. Combined with our design and development services, we can ensure that each part we manufacture withholds its expectations. Click the button below to learn more about our capabilities! 

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Custom Packaging Design


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